Only If You Look in the Mirror

Mariam Alayande: Only If You Look in the Mirror

In this episode, Mariam, a writer, poet, and doctor, discusses her book ‘Only If You Look in the Mirror’. The conversation covers various themes, including the inspiration behind the book, the impact of the poetic tale, the importance of forgiveness and journaling, dealing with infatuation, performing a reality check, embracing God, and finding a reason to live.

Mariam shares personal experiences and insights, encouraging those going through tough times. The conversation highlights the relatability and depth of the book, emphasizing the power of self-reflection and the support of friends and the Holy Spirit.

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Takeaways from Only If You Look in the Mirror

  • Journaling can be a powerful tool for healing and self-discovery.
  • Performing a reality check and recognizing toxic relationships can lead to peace and light.
  • Embracing God and seeking guidance from friends and the Holy Spirit can bring positive change.
  • Finding a reason to live and reaching out for support is essential during tough times.

About The Guest

Mariam Alayande: Only If You Look in the Mirror

‘Mariam Alayande is the author of ‘Only If You Look In The Mirror’. She is a poet and writer whose literary journey spans two vibrant decades. Her work, featured in prestigious magazines and collections like “A World of Difference,” showcases her indelible mark on the literary landscape. Beyond the written word, Mariam brings her poetry to life on stages across Europe and Africa.

In addition to her role as a dental surgeon, Mariam is an entrepreneur and dedicated advocate for empowering individuals. She is a catalyst for change, an expressive artist, and a beacon of inspiration.’


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