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John Davis: Overcoming Fear And Developing An Action Hero Mindset MIRROR TALK

“As a man thinketh, so is he.” In this episode, John Davis shares the story of how breaking his spine at age 22 changed his life. He shares the life principles he used to overcome fear and develop an action hero mindset. He teaches us how to be fearless, focus, have faith, follow through and be flexible. Connect with John Davis through his website: Thank you for joining me on this MIRROR TALK podcast journey. Kindly stay connected by subscribing or following on any platform. Please do not forget to leave a review and rating. Let us connect on Instagram: More inspiring episodes and show notes here: Your opinions, thoughts, suggestions and comments matter to us. Share them here: I love, see and appreciate you.
  1. John Davis: Overcoming Fear And Developing An Action Hero Mindset
  2. Zack Rutledge: Overcoming Depression With Real-Life Strategies
  3. Rachel Murphy: Building Financial Confidence And Competence
  4. Ian Tolson: Successful Solutions To Make ACTION Your Greatest Habit
  5. Alan Lazaros: How to LEVEL UP on Life, Love, Health And Wealth

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