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Shannon Petrovich: How To Get Out Of The Fog And Into The Clear MIRROR TALK

“Have you found your truth?” In this episode, Shannon Petrovich shares how we could get out of the fog and into the clear in our relationships and personal life. She enlightens us on how we could identify toxic relationships and helpful ways to get out and heal from them. She talks to us about drug abuse, the possible causes and how we could overcome addictions. “Heal from the inside out and rebuild your life.” Connect with Shannon Petrovich: YouTube channel: Website: Thank you for joining me on this MIRROR TALK podcast journey. Kindly stay connected by subscribing or following on any platform. Please do not forget to leave a review and rating. Let us connect on Instagram: More inspiring episodes and show notes here: Your opinions, thoughts, suggestions and comments matter to us. Share them here: I love, see and appreciate you. We are soliciting your help to feed some less-privileged children for Christmas. No amount is too small. Payment options and further information are available on our website:
  1. Shannon Petrovich: How To Get Out Of The Fog And Into The Clear
  2. Tim Krass: How To Overcome Addiction & Get Rid of Toxic Masculinity in Relationships – Timeout For Mental Health
  3. Dr. Debi Silber: How To Heal From Post Betrayal Syndrome
  4. Maryanne Sea: Love Is The Healer – Exploring The Connections Between Our Body, Mind, Emotion And Spirit
  5. Michael Serwa: How to Be a High Achiever

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