How to Live Courageously in a Risky World

How to Live Courageously in a Risky World with Clint Hatton

In this episode, Clint Hatton enlightens us on how to live courageously in a risky world. He shares his journey of resilience and courage after the tragic loss of his son.

He emphasises the importance of distinguishing between natural fears and unnatural fears and encourages listeners to give their pain a purpose. Clint also highlights the significance of surrounding oneself with supportive and like-minded individuals.

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Ultimately, he inspires listeners to live a big, bold, and brave life, pursuing their dreams and overcoming fear. In this conversation, Clint Hatton discusses his book and provides information on where to purchase it. He also mentions his website and encourages listeners to connect with him. Clint shares his excitement about an upcoming talk with a global company and emphasises the importance of providing real tools to inspire and empower others.

He mentions his website again for coaching information and introduces his weekly newsletter, which offers free content to help transform lives. The conversation concludes with Tobi expressing his gratitude for the insights Clint has shared and Clint commending Tobi for the impact his podcast is making.

Takeaways from how to live courageously in a risky world

  • Distinguish between natural fears and unnatural fears, and give your pain a purpose.
  • Surround yourself with supportive and like-minded individuals who can encourage and challenge you.
  • Take risks and pursue your dreams, even in the face of fear and potential failure.
  • Recognize opportunities and possibilities where others see closed doors.

About the Guest

How to Live Courageously in a Risky World with Clint Hatton

Clint Hatton is an author, motivational speaker, personal development and leadership coach, and the founder of BigBoldBrave in McKinney, Texas. 

He has been coaching individuals and organizations for over twenty years with a proven track record of helping people live up to their full potential while building healthier marriages, relationships, and teams. 

Clint recently published his first book, Big Bold Brave: How to Live Courageously in a Risky World. It was inspired by the way his oldest son lived his life. Gabriel achieved his goal of becoming a licensed pilot at the age of 17. He died in a tragic plane crash while living his dream just shy of his 18th birthday. His legacy is carried on by the Hatton family. 

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