The 5 Virtues of A Good Man

The 5 Virtues of A Good Man with Nico Lagan

In this episode, Nico Lagan enlightens us on the 5 virtues of a good man. He shares his journey of transformation and finding his life purpose.

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He discusses the importance of courage, faith, and accountability in personal growth. Nico emphasizes the need for men to become good by developing virtues such as courage, protection, provision, temperance, and faith.

He also highlights the role of physical fitness and self-awareness in becoming a good man. Nico encourages listeners to have faith in themselves and their abilities and to listen to their inner voice to discover their purpose in life.

In this conversation, Nico Lagan discusses the importance of embracing pain and suffering as opportunities for growth and transformation. He shares his journey of overcoming addiction and finding faith and purpose in his life.

Nico emphasizes the power of community and the support it provides in the pursuit of personal growth. He also highlights the transformative experience of discovering God’s love and the impact it has on one’s life.

Overall, the conversation explores the themes of resilience, faith, and personal transformation.

Takeaways from the 5 Virtues of a Good Man

  • Pain and suffering can be powerful teachers and opportunities for personal growth.
  • Finding faith and purpose can lead to profound transformation and a sense of fulfilment.
  • Surrounding oneself with a supportive community can provide encouragement and accountability in pursuing personal growth.
  • Discovering and accepting God’s love can bring a deep sense of peace and purpose.

About The Guest

The 5 Virtues of A Good Man with Nico Lagan

Featured in Times Square, Nico Lagan is an entrepreneur, men’s coach and host of the controversial podcast: The Nico Lagan Show

Nico has been travelling the US for 1 year now with his girlfriend and rescue dog. He has been to the 4 corners of the beautiful country and has no plan of stopping anytime soon. Before leaving Canada on this RV trip, Nico lived in the Canadian woods for over 2.5 years. For 1.5 years of it, he was alone with his dogs. Imagine a log house on the top of a mountain overlooking a valley and lakes.

Growing up Nico didn’t have a masculine figure in his life. Without the guidance, he associated with and idolized the wrong men. Before making the shift to who he is now, he lived a life as an addict and a drug dealer. After spending more than a decade on the wrong path, working a 9-5 he didn’t love he realized how many others in the world are just like him and need someone to step in and fight for them.

Masculinity is under attack in today’s society, and Nico fearlessly champions strong men. Although others might see Nico’s content as blunt unapologetic and “controversial” it brings back the fundamentals of when men were allowed to be men. What was once a standard way of living, is now villainized.

As a leader in today’s society Nico has been featured on many online publications, and podcasts that have hundreds of millions of views, featured in Times Square in NYC, and it’s just the beginning. He’s a published author titled: Purpose: How following your legend is the answer to your midlife crisis.”. Aimed at men between the ages of 30 to 45 who already possess The 5 Virtues of a good man. Provider, protector, courage, temperance and faith. Now facing an existential crisis referred to by many as the midlife crisis, these men are realizing that they are one day going to die.

Until that day… Nico will be fighting for all men to reclaim their manliness until his very last breath, whether that means getting cancelled, or banned – Nico’s ready to do what’s right.

With that in mind, through the night Alpha Creator Blueprint coaching program, Nico helps male content creator grow their reach by GOING viral. He teaches the techniques he has learned over a long corporate sales career and during the past 3 years as a content creator. 


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