What is Next?

What is Next?

What is next? In this episode, David and Colton discuss their book ‘What the F is Next’ and the importance of setting intentions and being intentional in life.

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They share their experiences and insights on transformation, determining what’s next, overcoming distractions, discovering one’s true self, and using emotional intelligence to navigate life. They emphasize the power of intention and provide practical advice on setting goals and achieving them. The conversation concludes with a discussion on expanding outreach and what’s next for the host.

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About the Guests

What is Next? with David Chorpenning

Meet David Chorpenning, a true force of transformation and intention, the man who has been transforming lives for over three decades.

With a trailblazing career spanning counselling, coaching, and consulting, David has worked his magic with some of the biggest names in the game. From the Federal Aviation Administration to the Colorado Bar Association Leadership Training Program, USA Rugby to Rocky Mountain Health, his expertise knows no bounds. He’s even lent his wisdom to the City of Manitou Springs, CO, Pikes Peak Restorative Justice, Challenge Rehabilitation, and Commonwheel Artist Co-op – just to name a few.

What sets David apart is his unwavering commitment to merging his practical expertise with extensive research, resulting in a powerful 3-step intention process. Through his innovative approach, he has unlocked the hidden potential within countless lives, empowering them to navigate their paths with purpose and clarity.

What is Next? with Colton Chorpenning

Aside from authoring “What The F*ck is Next,” Colton has extensive experience in event production, music promotion, digital growth marketing, interactive production, creative development, and video content production, as well as a passion for snowboarding, and travel.

Colton has been a digital nomad for 8 years, using the life design tactics from The 4-Hour Workweek and other leaders in the space to build a flexible life travelling the world without compromising his career.

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