Journey Unveiled

Journey Unveiled

Reflecting on the Roads We’ve Traveled

The podcast episode features the stories of individuals who left Ukraine due to the war. They share how their journey unveiled in other countries.

Anita shares her experience of leaving Ukraine and the challenges she faced in Hungary.

Success Chukwu talks about her journey from Ukraine to Germany and the difficulties she encountered along the way.

Favour discusses his journey from Ukraine to Poland and eventually to Germany.

Divine shares her story of leaving Ukraine and the anxiety she experienced during the war.

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Overall, the episode highlights the uncertainties and struggles faced by individuals leaving Ukraine during the war. The conversation explores the experiences of Dr Divine Tamaraebi Afentu, Samuel Ajibola, Anita Arubi, Egbele Favour Joseph, and Chukwu Success as they navigate the challenges of leaving Ukraine and seeking refuge in Europe.

They share their train journeys, the uncertainty they faced, and the impact of the war on their lives. Despite the trauma, they emphasize the importance of not panicking and trusting in God. They also reflect on the lessons learned and the growth they experienced throughout their journeys.

Takeaways from Journey Unveiled

  • Do not panic in difficult situations, as panicking does not solve the problem.
  • Trust in God and seek His guidance in making decisions.
  • Surround yourself with wise counsel and listen to the right voices.
  • Embrace the journey of life and be open to new opportunities.
  • Depend on God and have faith, even in the face of uncertainty.

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About our Guests

I am Mrs Chukwu Success, I’m a Nigerian, I am a nurse, a content creator and a self-taught makeup artist. I’m an ambivert, left-handed and career woman. 

My name is Arubi Anita, from Delta sate Nigeria. I am currently a student studying Health Informatics in Germany. 

My name is Egbele Favour Joseph, I am from Edo state, and I was pursuing a medical degree in Ukraine before the war disrupted my academic pursuits. I am Currently participating in an internship In healthcare and I am staying in Germany Hamburg.

My name is Samuel Ajibola. A student and junior product designer, Passionate about human health and well-being.

My name is Dr Tamaraebi Afentu. I am a Christian and Nigerian currently living in Germany. I’m passionate about writing and public speaking.  I presently work as a volunteer to care for persons living with disabilities.  

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