Creating Magic at Work with Amy Lynn Durham

“What mask are you putting on?”

In this episode, Amy Lynn Durham enlightens us on emotional and spiritual Intelligence and skill building that could help us realise our life purpose.

Kristine Scott: How To Resolve Conflicts With Emotional Intelligence And Find Our Liberation

How do you deal with conflicts?

In this episode, Kristine Scott shares how we can resolve conflicts with emotional intelligence and find our liberation. She enlightens us on identifying conflict styles and improving our resolutionary skills.

Howard Stephen Berg: How To Be A Genius, Develop Laser-Sharp Memory And Emotional Intelligence Strategies for Success

“A great lesson to learn is how to control our own emotions and how to interact with other people who have emotions.”

In this episode, Guinness World Records Fastest Reader, Howard Berg shares tricks on how to read, assimilate and understand everything we read fast. He enlightens us on emotional intelligence strategies for success.