Triumphing Beyond Incarceration

Triumphing Beyond Incarceration with Jonathan Greene

In this episode, Jonathan shares his life journey of triumphing beyond incarceration. Jonathan shares his life journey from writing to crime and incarceration, and how he rebuilt his life by starting a trucking business.

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He emphasizes the importance of going with your gut, finding your why, and having determination. Jonathan also discusses the challenges he faced as a writer and the principles he applies to his writing career and trucking business. He shares insights from his books, ‘Laredo Nuevo’ and ‘Paladin,’ and encourages listeners to be consistent, accountable, and to finish what they start.

Takeaways from Triumphing Beyond Incarceration

  • Trust your gut and follow your intuition.
  • Find your why and have determination.
  • Embrace change and be adaptable.
  • Be consistent, and accountable, and finish what you start.

About the Guest

Triumphing Beyond Incarceration with Jonathan Greene

Growing up as the son of author and composer BB Johnson AKA Joseph Greene (Together Brothers, Across the Alley from the Alamo) DaVon and Greene (the pen name of Jonathan Greene) knew writing was in his blood. 

Drawn towards cartels, crime, and drugs  DaVon and Greene completed his first serious undertaking in his early teens and gave it to his father’s friend, Saul David (Director: Logan’s Run and Fantastic Voyage) to get an honest critique. Saul was intrigued but wasn’t overwhelmed. His critique sent  DaVon and Greene’s life in a whole other direction, putting down the pen and entering the world that he wrote about in an endless cycle that there was no escape, ultimately leading to incarceration. 

After jail, employment was hard to find, so he seized the opportunity when DaVon and Greene’s now-wife offered him a job interview at a beer company. Working hard he rose through the ranks with promotion after promotion. Within six months  DaVon and Greene were on a six-figure salary.

Several years later,  DaVon and Greene’s beer career stopped when the company was sold. So  DaVon and Greene started flipping Real Estate which provided him with a life filled with fast cars, boats and houses, until the crash of 2007.

Not to be defeated,  DaVon and Greene turned to insurance, then consulting before starting a successful trucking business. Resting in his truck at night gave  DaVon and Greene time to write and finally fulfil his dream to become an author. Thriller, Laredo Nuevo was published in 2021 and Paladin will be released later this year.

DaVon and Greene is a father to eight children and five grandchildren. When he’s not writing or trucking across the country Jonathan can be found in California where he lives with his wife. 

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