100 Acts of Love with Kim Hamer

“Expectations are resentments under construction.”

In this episode, Kim Hamer shares how we could effectively show acts of love to people, especially those who are suffering from a loss.

Terry Tucker: Sustainable Excellence – Ten Principles To Leading Your Uncommon And Extraordinary Life

“What do you think your purpose is?”

“Life is all about the choices we make and the consequences of those choices.”

In this episode, Terry Tucker enlightens us on how to achieve sustainable excellence. He shares his principles of leading an uncommon and extraordinary life.

Dr. Shani Fox on Dealing with Cancer: The Cancer Survivors First Aid Kit, Acceptance & Techniques for dealing with Fear, Vulnerability and Guilt

Dr Shani Fox talks about her motivation for leaving her corporate job for a PhD program at the age of 40. She shares the Cancer Survivor’s Fear First Aid Kit, which is useful for cancer survivors and the people around them. She talks about how we can deal with fear, vulnerability and guilt.