Intentional Acts of Kindness

Practice Intentional Acts of Kindness with Alan Questel

In this episode, Alan Questel discusses the importance of practising intentional acts of kindness and how it can lead to self-improvement and healing. He shares his journey of discovering the power of kindness and the motivation behind writing his book.

Alan emphasizes the need to be kind to ourselves and others and provides practical steps to incorporate kindness into our daily lives. He also explores the connection between kindness and spirituality, and how kindness can help heal a fractured world. Overall, the conversation highlights the transformative impact of kindness and the role it plays in creating a better world.

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Takeaways from Intentional Acts of Kindness

  • Practising intentional acts of kindness can lead to self-improvement and healing.
  • Being kind to ourselves is often more challenging than being kind to others.
  • Small steps, such as listening better and performing small acts of kindness, can help us practice kindness daily.
  • Developing connections with ourselves and others is essential for practising kindness.
  • Moving in a way that we like and appreciating ourselves as a work in progress can contribute to self-kindness.
  • Unconscious habits and negative self-talk can hinder our ability to be kind to ourselves.
  • Kindness has the power to heal a fractured world, and it starts with each individual taking responsibility and acting with kindness.

Alan Questel’s book, ‘Practice Intentional Acts of Kindness,’ provides further insights and practical exercises for cultivating kindness.

About the Guest

Practice Intentional Acts of Kindness with Alan Questel

Alan S. Questel is known for his clarity, creativity and down-to-earth style of teaching. He brings a depth of understanding, humour and a gentle human perspective while creating lively conditions for learning. Alan has taught thousands of people in over 20 countries, on 5 continents.

Trained by Dr. Feldenkrais (Amherst 1983) he has created numerous Feldenkrais programs on varied topics including one for pregnant women (Pregnant Pauses). He is the author of Creating Creativity – Embodying the Creative Process.

He is constantly discovering how to be kinder to others and toward himself.

Practice Intentional Acts of Kindness takes readers through steps to broaden and sharpen their understanding of kindness. It will show ways to embrace kindness in everyday life. And provide the means to be kinder and generate more kindness towards yourself and others. 

The book will help readers break through old, unconscious, confirming patterns of thought and feeling, and free them to express all the love and kindness in their hearts.

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