How To Get Unstuck and Gain Freedom

How To Get Unstuck and Gain Freedom with Michael Jaquith

In this conversation about how to get unstuck and gain freedom, Michael Jaquith discusses the importance of identity and how it affects every aspect of a man’s life. He emphasizes the need for strength and tension in masculine growth and highlights the concept of iron sharpening iron. Michael also shares how men can work with him through coaching and the importance of humility in transforming one’s life.

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Takeaways from how to get unstuck and gain freedom

  • Identity is crucial for men, and having a solid foundation in their identity is essential for success in all areas of life.
  • Strength and tension are necessary for masculine growth, and men must embrace challenges and struggle to become stronger.
  • Iron sharpening iron is a process that involves friction and discomfort, but it is necessary for personal growth and development.
  • Humility is a powerful tool that allows individuals to break through their thoughts and hear God’s voice.

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About The Guest

How To Get Unstuck and Gain Freedom with Michael Jaquith

Dr Michael Jaquith is a PhD chemist who left the corporate world and now helps men everywhere discover how to get more of what they want and live the promise of abundant life. By combining analytical science, psychology, and the time honored teachings of the Faith, Michael helps men who feel stuck, confused, and powerless to unlock those chains and find what they really want. Michael is married with six children and lives in rural northern Idaho.

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