Where Do We Go From Here?

“We are humans. We have flaws. We learn from our mistakes, grow and move forward in life.”

In this bonus episode, we discuss how to make use of our life experiences and lessons from other people’s journeys to grow and move forward in life.

Increase The Volume

“Your voice deserves to be heard. If you have a desire and passion to positively impact the world, do not let people or your insecurities lower your voice.”

In this bonus episode, we discuss the root causes and factors that could prevent us from fulfilling our purpose.

Turn On The Light

“We experience dark and challenging moments in life. You do not deserve to stay in the dark.”

In the second part of our solo episodes, we talk about dark and challenging moments in life, and how we can break free and grow from such moments in our lives.

The Foundation

How does our foundation define who we are?

“Foundations differ depending on the structure and weight that will be placed on them. Do not compare yourself with others.”

In the first part of our special solo episodes, we are discussing our foundation and its influence on how we lead our lives.

April Special Solo Episodes

Thank you so much for a successful first quarter of the year 2022. With your love and support, we keep on growing and impacting more listeners with our weekly soulful conversations.

This month of April 2022, we will go behind the curtains and over a course of four special MIRROR TALK episodes, take a journey together starting from the foundation.