Mapping the Inner Landscape with Susan Zummo

Mapping the Inner Landscape with Susan Zummo

In this episode, Susan discusses mapping the inner landscape to connect with our intuition and higher mind and expanding our consciousness. She emphasizes the need to trust our own inner knowing and not rely on external sources for guidance.

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Susan explains that intuition is the soul’s way of communicating with us and can manifest as thoughts, feelings, or signs. She also explores the concept of soul purpose, highlighting that it often involves learning to love ourselves and others.

Takeaways from Mapping the Inner Landscape

  • Trust your own intuition and inner knowing.
  • Soul purpose often involves learning to love ourselves and others.
  • Expand your consciousness by practising kindness, self-appreciation, and gratitude.
  • Pay attention to dreams and symbols as they can provide valuable insights.
  • Make every day a blessing by appreciating the miracles and beauty around you.

Susan shares practical tips for expanding consciousness, decoding dreams and symbols, and making every day a blessing.

About the Guest

Mapping the Inner Landscape with Susan Zummo

Susan is a Direct Access Intuitive, Certified Intuition Facilitator, Soma Pi™ healing teacher, Integrated Awareness graduate, and certified Dolores Cannon Healing Hypnosis (QHHT) practitioner.  She is also a Reiki Master and Interfaith Minister.  

She is a highly motivated and qualified Master Teacher of Higher Consciousness and Healing with over 35 years of experience. Susan originated the ascension energy technique used in her Soul Patterning Harmonics® workshops. 

Susan’s book, Mapping the Inner Landscape: Decoding the Symbols of Dreams and Everyday Life, was written to help people understand the varied dream experiences we encounter and how to make the most of what they bring to us.  It illustrates the language the Soul uses to communicate its plans and advice to us. This information can be used to avoid disasters and improve our lives and the lives of those we love.


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