Darshan Mehta: Extracting And Gaining Insight For A Successful Life

Darshan Mehta: Extracting And Gaining Insight For A Successful Life

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How powerful are insights?

In this episode, Darshan Mehta enlightens us on the importance of instant connections and meaningful conversations. He shares how insights can help startups and existing businesses succeed. He reveals the secret to his success as an entrepreneur and a leader some of which he writes in his book entitled “Getting to A-Ha! Today’s Insights Are Tomorrow’s Facts.”

“Being curious and open-minded leads to a great conversation.”

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Forbes Magazine recently featured Mr Darshan Mehta as one of 9 CMOs to watch. Darshan is the founder of iResearch.com, a platform that allows users to quickly extract insights from consumers throughout the world, and ConnectQik.com, an app that allows users to make instant connections and take part in engaging interactions.

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