Taking Your First Step on the Moon with Julianne Bosch

Taking Your First Step on the Moon with Julianne Bosch

“What are your non-negotiable?”

In this episode, Julianne Bosch enlightens us on how to live an intentional life. She shares insights from her book, “How A Mother Took Her First Step on the Moon”. She talks about defining our non-negotiable and knowing when and where to say “no, thank you”.

“Create a safe zone for what’s important to you.”

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  1. Great podcast episode! I love the idea of defining our non-negotiables and creating a safe zone for what’s important to us. Julianne, what are your non-negotiables?

    • Thank you so much for listening to the episode. What are your non-negotiables?

      • Even non-negotiables sometimes have to adjust. My nearly non-negotiables are my three days a week cycling exercise and my morning breakfast ritual.


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