Ted Lawlor on Passionately Setting Out on an Entrepreneurial Path

Summary In this episode, I had the delight of speaking with Ted Lawlor who is an entrepreneur and podcaster from South London. He runs a media group called IF ONLY THEY KNEW since September 2017. He has then gone on to connect with high profile names such as Hollywood actors, musicians and even candidates from…More

Beginning of Chapter Two: Let Us Start with WHY

Summary Starting with WHY could help us to be intentional about our greatness, our happiness, our success and our other goals. I have always heard that you have to be intentional about life and everything, but how can you be intentional about something that you are not sure about? How can you be intentional about…More

End of Chapter One: The World is Waiting For You

Summary We have a purpose and reason for being on earth. We have vision and missions. We have our various and individual contributions to humanity. On this journey, I have learnt that no matter how small or minute you think your contributions could be, the world is still waiting for it. Thank you once again…More

Mindfulness: Learning to Live in the Moment

Summary Sometimes, I would step into a room and would totally forget my purpose for entering the room. Can you relate to this? Being mindful and present in the moment could be a challenge. In this episode, we are talking about some ways of practising mindfulness using my personal life as an example. How do…More

Aubree Nichols on The Journey of Self-Love

Summary Aubree Nichols has a black belt in transformation and a MA in Organizational Change Management. She is a feminine feminist, a creativity activist and a champion of self-love. The more love you give to yourself, the more the world would rise to your standard. Fear cannot be present where love exists. Connect with Aubree…More


Summary Sometimes, we feel lost and out of place. This could be due to the fact that we have gone astray. This episode encourages you to find your way back. After listening to FIND YOUR WAY BACK by Beyoncé, I could not stop reflecting on the lyrics of the song and how it applies to…More

Aimée-Louise Carton on How To Take Care of Your Mental Health

Summary Aimée-Louise Carton is a mental health advocate who has been featured in the Irish Times, Business Leader and other platforms. She is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and the University of Amsterdam, and now is the co-founder and CEO of a wellness App called KeepAppy which can be gotten from the Google Play…More