Have you ever looked at yourself through a broken mirror? Have you ever been in a confused state before? Have you ever tried to conform to the standards set by people around you? Have you tried to change yourself because she said so or he said so? Is your reflection in the mirror clear or is it distorted? Could it be that you are surrounded by broken mirrors?More

Dr. Nkechi Ikwunne on Excellence through Integrity

In this episode, Nkechi talks about upbringing, academic excellence, personal development, mental and physical health (tips or practice), relationships, etc. She talks about excelling through medical school as well as managing time, energy and resources. She shares the importance of making effective plans. Do not allow the stress or failure of life to get to you. Be kind to yourself. Nkechi talks about the essence of excellence through integrity.More

Open Your Mind & Mouth

Sometimes, we are scared of opening our mouth because we shy away from being vulnerable and judged. The fear of what people might say when they hear what we are going through, the fear of exposing our weaknesses and flaws to someone makes us cringe. It is important to speak up and open your mind to new things, ideas, corrections and advice. More